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[Catacomb] v1.0 release

Sung Kim wrote:

I think this is our major feature change. We can release Catacomb 1.0 after this work. :-)

I'd like to request that we postpone the v1.0 release of Catacomb until the entire DASL specification has been implemented. Specifically, Query Schema Discovery needs to be implemented, along with a couple minor search functions such as the 'contains' operator. If there are issues that come up at the interoperability event we should also fix those before the v1.0 release.

Releasing v1.0 at this time would only precipitate several minor releases... In my opinion, v1.0 should at least implement a Class 2 DAV server (compliant with the latest protocol specification) and the complete DASL specification as well. Support for multiple DBs is desireable, but not necessary functionality for v1.0.

My reasoning is due to the fact that Catacomb is one of the reference implementations for DASL that other developers are looking at. Because of this, v1.0 should be as feature complete as possible. It doesn't make sense to release v1.0 if it doesn't implement the full DASL spec.