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Re: [Catacomb] Release schedule

Sung Kim wrote:

Since we fixed many problems in the interop test event, I think it is ready to release 0.7.4.

Hi everyone,

I agree with Sung that we should put out a minor bug-fix release asap. Also, below is a summary of the features we discussed today at lunch. We should figure out what versions we want functionality to be available in. In my oppinion, the most critical features are those that are related to the protocol specifications, followed by performance enhancements, and finally the nice-to-have features.

* Query Schema Discovery
* Content indexing/searching
* Full Class 2 DAV server compliance
* Allowing resources to be stored in the native file system
* Support for other databases
* Anything I missed?

The first four of these I consider critical and should be included in the v1.0 release. I would hope that we could target the turn of the year as a release date for v1.0? I think the last two items are good targets for a v2.0 release, with the support for other DBs happening early in the development cycle. Does this seem reasonable?