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Re: [Catacomb] Ready to release 0.7.4?

> Sung, I think the dbms_abstraction branch is about ready to merge back
> into the trunk of the s/w.  Perhaps after 0.7.4 is released (and a tag
> created) I can merge the changes into my branch, make sure everything
> works, and merge my changes into the trunk.  Is this acceptable to
> everyone?  (I would propose making it version 0.8.0 for the merged
> version, since it changes backend code for just about every feature of
> Catacomb.)

That's great.  I think it's acceptable.

Several minor comments:

I think we need to pass pool when you call dbms_prepare. :-) Then we don't need dbms_query_destroy. Also dbms_query_create is good name for dbms_prepare.

If you could design result abstraction, it would be really great.

Good Job!

Sung Kim