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Re: [Catacomb] Release schedule

> Also, below is a summary of the features we discussed today at lunch. We
> should figure out what versions we want functionality to be available
> in. In my oppinion, the most critical features are those that are
> related to the protocol specifications, followed by performance
> enhancements, and finally the nice-to-have features.

I agree with you.

Version 1.0
> * Query Schema Discovery
> * Content indexing/searching
> * Full Class 2 DAV server compliance
> * Allowing resources to be stored in the native file system
> * Support for other databases

Version 2.0
> * ACL
+ * DeltaV step 1 (subset)

Version 3.0
+ * DeltaV step 2 (FULL)
+ * BIND??

PS - Elias, why don't you put these things on the Catacomb website in plan or future work section.

Sung Kim