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[Catacomb] Invite: Content Management Summit, Oct. 10th New York City

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Dear Friends,

The online content business is doing fantastic.

Sound crazy? Perhaps. With advertising, online and off, taking it on the chin for the past two years, online content sites have been shutting down, laying off staff and pulling back on their offerings.

However, this horrible environment has resulted in an undeniable trend: content businesses are challenging people to pay for content. Finally, after five years of free, people are beginning to understand that online, as in the real world, you get what you pay for and they are taking out their credit cards. U.S. consumers spent $675 million on paid online content last year, a 92 percent increase over 2000 spending levels, according to Online Publishers Association, and that figure is expected to increase exponentially this year. Look at these success stories:

  • New York Times Digital has been steadily increasing its paid content services over the last year, and registered a 16 percent increase in its total revenues for the latest quarter.
  • TheStreet.com brought over $3 million in subscriptions last quarter, an increase of almost 50 percent over the year-ago quarter.
  • ConsumerReports.com will reach over a million paying subscribers by the end of this year.
  • RealNetworks' consumer multi-media subscription service has more than 750,000 subscribers, bringing in $17.8 million in the last quarter.
  • The Wall Street Journal Online added over 6,000 new paying customers last quarter, bringing its subscriber base to 646,000.
  • FT.com has signed up 17,000 subscribers in three months since it launched its premium site in May.

In recognition of this trend we're hosting the third installation of our innovative Content Management Summit on October 10, 2002. The event charts the changes in the content industry from free to paid subscription services, and the technologies that are enabling the management and monetizing of content.

Our previous Content Management Summit (aka Digital Rights Summit) on October 18 last year in New York City and January 29 in Los Angeles were unqualified successes.

The Content Management Summit III, taking place in New York at the Millennium Broadway on October 10, 2002, will bring together the 100 executives from the leading content and distribution firms for a focused day of networking and discovering practical solutions.

The event will feature presentations from software and services companies providing services and solutions for selling, distributing, managing, and protecting content.

We're thrilled that Microsoft, TeleKnowledge, eMeta, and Liquify will all be demonstrating their latest products and services.

The event will also feature six intimate round tables focusing on various aspects of online content. These panels are meant to provide an informal forum to discuss the challenges facing these specific vertical markets, the changes in the sectors since the dot-com downfall, and best practices in the industry. The panels will feature leading practitioners in each sector, and will also include an interactive question and answer session with the audience.

Among the round table topics will be:

  • Weblogs: how they are affecting big media companies, editorially as well as in content delivery/production mechanisms.
  • Financial news and information companies: how they are using technologies to deliver content to users, and how the economics have changed since the stock market downfall.
  • Business information services such as Hoovers, Lexis-Nexis and others: best practices in the industry, niche product launches and revenue streams.
  • Daily news/newspaper companies publishing online: how speed dictates technology choices, and the move towards paid content and its implications, among other issues.
  • Consumer and entertainment publishers: how do publishers determine the value of entertainment content, the push towards paid subscriptions, online advertising and other issues.

Join us on October 10th for this very important event. If you are directly responsible for content management at a major content site you may qualify for a VIP ticket. Please e-mail your request with your name, title and bio to invite@cmsummit.com. If you are with a software or services provider, or anyone not directly responsible for the purchase of content management software or solutions, you can purchase a ticket to this event for $1,200 at invite@cmsummit.com.

Best Regards,

Jason McCabe Calacanis
ditor-in-Chief & CEO, Venture Reporter & Silicon Alley Reporter

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