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[Catacomb] Infomail 39/2002 - Ryder Cup

Infomail 39/2002:

All About Golf's Themes of the Week, Overview:

1: Ryder Cup is coming soon! Read our informal story here: 
or read a short clip in this newsletter.

2: We're sending 10 people on golf holidays to Georgia, USA. For more
information, click here:
or read more about below in this infomail.

3: Win one of 10 complete golf club sets, bag inclusive! Read more about
it at the end of this e-mail 
or simply click here:

4: All About Golf predicts the winner of the annual Ryder Cup. See our
quotes next week when Mr. 
Kristensen, CEO of All About Golf and golf pro himself gives his tip to
bet on!

5: Golfers against spam: We don't want to bother you! We keep your e-mail
out of spamming lists. 
More information at the end of this e-mail.

22 September 2002

1: Ryder Cup is coming soon!

The Ryder Cup: A Storied History
written by All About Golf Reporter Brian Berk

When British seed merchant Samuel Ryder first promoted trans-Atlantic golf
matches more than 75 
years ago, he couldn?t have imagined the level of competition, great
golfers or storied history that 
has become the lore of the Ryder Cup.
While other tournaments are incredible matches of individuals? wits,
endurance and skill, the 
Ryder Cup is unmatched in its team competition play. And that made it
easier for Ryder--known as 
the father of the Ryder Cup -- to have his dream realized. In 1927, the
first Ryder Cup was played 
between the United States and Europe. The United States, the home team
playing at Worcester 
Country in Club in Massachusetts, soundly defeated its English
counterparts 9 and one-half to 2 
and one-half...

To read the whole story click here:

2: We're sending 10 people on golf holidays to Georgia, USA: 
Here's your chance to win one of two golf trips for 5 people each valued
at $8,500 (USD) to Myrtle 
Beach, Georgia, from your partners in golf - AllAboutGolf.Info! This is
our second golf getaway 
giveaway, and you could be our next lucky golfer! Flight, hotel
accommodations, rental car, and of 
course green fees are all included. Participants are being accepted
through October 31st, 2002 
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3: Christmas Surprise:
All About Golf...Info's Christmas Sweepstakes: This year we have sent
Santa Claus a huge sack 
full of attractive gifts for our new Goldmembers. Everybody who signs up
for Gold Access from now 
on will have the chance to win one of ten full sets of Callaway golf clubs
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a GOLDMEMBER just click the link on the right side or click here! 

4: All About Golf predicts the winner of the annual Ryder Cup:
Mr. Kent Kristensen, golf pro of several years dares to make a prediction
about the winner of 
Ryder's Cup. Just a hint: Check out our site to read more! Kent's tip is
1:1,000! ...We here at All 
About Golf even have so much faith in Mr. Kristensen's judgement that
we're willing to bet on it! 
Send us your own tip!
...The best may win! :-)

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