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[Catacomb] DBMS Abstraction added to Catacomb

FYI, I've checked in changes (merged from a branch) that fix a security issue with executing arbitrary SQL statements and helps to make the SQL code more maintainable by removing some of MySQL's specific API calls from the dbms.c file. It is closely modelled on Java's JDBC API, where SQL statements are prepared, parameters to the statement are set (and escaped, as appropriate, to ensure safety) and execute is called to actually run the SQL statement. This also provides an easy way to "pre-prepare" a query and change individual parameters multiple times without having to rebuild the query each time.

These changes follow the Apache coding style and best practices (particularly in regards to memory pool management). The question is still up in the air as to whether a (child) pool should be created for each query or if it's better to just use the main pool for all queries. (Currently the code does the former, each query will allocate a number of character arrays of varying lengths.)

Next steps are to abstract the result retrieval, which will also likely be modelled after the JDBC API. Once that has been completed, PostgreSQL will be inches away!