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[Catacomb] Catacomb BOF

I agree, having a Catacomb BOF lunch in Santa Cruz would be good - the best time would probably be after UCSC finals are over. Perhaps you can give an overview of the Oracle port? If possible, it would be great to make that work available as part of the standard Catacomb distribution. It would also be good if Sung and Kai could give an overview of the changes that they made to Catacomb this quarter in order to support the basic Delta-V functionality.

UCSC finals are over on December 5th, so the 6th may work. OTOH, it might be nice to have a long weekend to relax before the Catacomb BOF. How does the week of the 9th sound? I'm pretty flexible any day except Monday as I have to attend the CIP mtg.


Chris Knight wrote:

We still need to do the "Catacomb BOF lunch" again sometime soon (at UCSC?). I'd like to catch up with everyone involved (we're speedily doing an Oracle port of Catacomb, whee! Should have it fully-functional by end-of-week [and prettied up after that], I can find out from the group lead if we can make it open-source [don't see why not].)