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Re: [Catacomb] Re: [dav-dev] Catacomb server with linear versioning support(DeltaV subset)

Joerg Heitkoetter wrote:
Hi, I looked at the code and saw that you do not excapsulate the
db driver code--will you revamp the sources to enable other authors
to add more backend db code to catacomb? May that be postgresql or
Oracle--or any other...

Most of the DBMS code is in dbms.c, dbms.h, dbms_mysql.c, and dbms_mysql.h. Depending on the similiarity of the C API for your DBMS of choice you may be able to get away with simply replacing the dbms_*.c/.h files. (On the other hand, if you're using something like Pro*C for Oracle, you need to replace the dbms.c/.h files as well. We will hopefully be releasing this version in January, although DASL/DeltaV support may be missing in the initial release.)

One issue yet to be resolved is how the DASL queries get generated. It's not encapsulated in dbms.c as is all of the other DBMS interactions (and it's not secure!) I'm hoping to work with the original authors to re-architect the searching so that it is encapsulated in dbms.c and easier to re-engineer for different DBMS's and schemas.

Oh, and I have yet to review how versioning is done and how it interacts with the DBMS, but I suspect it's much easier to deal with than searching.