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[Catacomb] Installation Problem - [error] dbms_opendb

I am trying to install Catacomb and keep running into the same error,
no matter what I try. The error I get is when starting up Apache in the
logfile I get: 

 [error] - TRACE : dbms_opendb

Apache still starts up, but if I request a Catacomb page I get a 409 -
Conflict error saying: Unable to deliver content.

I have MySQL running and can log into it using the same username and
password specified in the Apache config. Plus I've added the database,
tables and data.

Any help, thoughts would be appreciated. 

System and Configuration Information:
OS    : Redhat Linux 8.0 
Apache: 2.0.44 
MySQL : 3.23.54 (and also tried 4.0.09)
Catacomb: 0.8.0

Apache build: ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache --enable-so

MySQL installed via RPMs, default installs in /usr

Catacomb build: ./configure --with-apache=/usr/local/apache

My Apache config is:
### WebDAV - Catacomb Stuff
DavDBMSHost localhost
DavDBMSDbName repos
DavDBMSTmpDir /tmp/

<Location /repos>
  DAV repos
  ModMimeUsePathInfo on

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