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Re: [Catacomb] Catacomb webpage

Coming as a new (potential) user of Catacomb, what would increase my
likelihood to use it would be some good detailed examples of how to use

For example, how does VERSION-CONTROL work?  How does one retreive older
versions of documents?  How does one search for docs matching a given
set of criteria?

The fact that these are not supported in HTTP::DAV, coupled with the
fact that they're not documented well enough for me to hack them in
myself, is a limiting factor for me.

A really good and thorough FAQ, full of tips and tricks, would also make
it more likely to be used and increase its visibility.  Having dug into
it, I see Catacomb is more advanced than mod_dav, however if one were to
judge only from the website, this is uncertain.

If I were you, I would take the mod_dav website as a starting point, and
expound on what catacomb provides in addition.  mod_dav has only a main
page plus a faq page, so this shouldn't be too hard!  ;-)


On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Elias Sinderson wrote:
> Hi,
> It seems like Catacomb is beginning to be used in several different
> ways. Do you think we should try to keep track of the usage? Maybe we
> could solicit some feedback on how people are using Catacomb and add
> this infration to the project web site? By providing examples of
> where/how the module is being used it raises the visibility of the
> project. Also, people would probably be more willing to try out Catacomb
> if there was some information on how other people were using it
> successfully.
> Just a thought,
> Elias
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