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[Catacomb] Re:Cadaver patch for DASL and basic versioning(DeltaV)

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Joe Orton wrote:

> On Tue, Feb 11, 2003 at 08:59:57PM -0800, Sung Kim wrote:
> > Thanks for the comments and I attached a patch for the warning
> > messages and dispatch result checking.
> Great, thanks Sung, I checked this in.  I had a brief play with the
> versioning code against your ocean server - very neat indeed! Some
> comments:
> I improved (I think :) some of the UI feedback, but there's still more
> work needed here really.  e.g., where we now have:

Thank you.

> dav:/repos/> vcontrol fishing.txt
> Versioning `/repos/fishing.txt/':201    Created
> it should say ": succeeded" or some meaningful English phrase, for any
> 2xx, or give the reason-phrase otherwise, just try to be consistent with
> the rest of the cadaver UI here... same goes for all the versioning
> commands.  out_result() and out_success() help here.

Yes. This message is for WebDAV geek. :-) May we should say:
- Now the resource is under version control. (VERSION-CONTROL)
- The resource is checked out.(CHECKOUT)
- The resource is checked in and created new version(CHECKIN)
- The previous checkout is canceled(UNCHECKOUT)
- The label is added|removed|set (LABEL)

> Would the "vcontrol" command be named "version" more appropriately? I
> can rename the existing "version" to "about" if you think this is
> better.

It would be really nice.

> I don't have any idea what "uncheckout" or "uncheckin" do - maybe some
> better help text?

Yes. Good point. Uncheckout cancels previous checkout command without adding new revision. There is no uncheckin.

> Would the "report" command be better as "history", since that's all it
> (currently) does? That might be more obvious.

'history' is ok to me.
In fact, it shows version history. I just tried to use the same command name as the DeltaV method name. :-)

> In execute_report, you've passed true to resolve_path(), so it's
> adding a trailing slash to the URI even for non-collections, e.g:
> dav:/repos/> report jorton2.txt
> Version report on `/repos/jorton2.txt/': 3 versions in history:
> ...
> was that intentional?

Not really. In fact I used resolve_path for checkin, checkout and etc.
Should I use another function?

Also it's a bit ambiguous.

Let's suppose we have a collection and a resource.
/foo/ <col>
/bar  <res>

If a user type 'checkout foo', should we add a trailing slash?
If a user type 'checkout bar', should we add a trailing slash?
Whenever user type a collection or resource name, should we check whether the resource is regular or collection?

Also we need to write a simple user guide for versioning and search usage, since those functions are not familiar to general uses.

> Regards,
> joe

Sung Kim