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Re: [Catacomb] Compiling Catacomb as a module.


Did you follow the #4 step in the README file?
After copying and configuring the catacomb, you need to run buildconf in the apache source directory.

We recommend to compile catacomb as dynamic module.

Sung Kim <hunkim@cse.ucsc.edu>

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On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Jacob Bager wrote:

> Is it possible to compile Catacomb as a module?
> if i understand Apache right, you can compile to enable Dav as a module.
> My problem is, that i tried compiling catacomb as a static, everything
> goes right until i try 'make' my apache.
> It seems like apache doesn't understand the mysql_client lib.
> every mysql_function are creating errors.
> im using:
> catacomb.0.8.0
> apache.2.0.44
> mysql-max-3.23.55
> a little notice i want to compile apache with '--enable-modules=all  --enable-mpm=worker --prefix=/tomyDir'.
> im going to run apache on a huge server, hope it's explains why im using the '--enable-mpm=worker'
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