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[Catacomb] Catacomb and CMS

Hi there. I have been working on educational modules for a content management system and am new to webDAV and Catacomb. The content management system (CMS) I am working with uses a mySQL database backend. I have read the literature on the project and I believe there could be a fit with what I am trying to do. I am hoping to use Catacomb and WebDav as a means of storing collaborative project data for course development as well as storing learning objects and their metadata.

I want the CMS to create a project folder for each project that collaborators would use to share for their work. When projects are complete, I want the CMS to "publish" from a project folder and store the learning objects and their metadata so they can be easily searched, found and recombined in the CMS. What I am looking for is some direction and suggestions for structuring something that could work.

What kind of a tool would I use to add a project files and folders from a CMS through the WebDAV server? A similar method would be needed to extract the final project information from the project folder when the project will be published.
I am programming in PHP.

Could searches using DASL be tailored to specific areas of the repository? For example, in the same repository restrict searches to a folder containing learning objects as opposed to those containing project data. Would you recommend isolating these into separate repositories as opposed in a single repository.

Can metadata be added to the records to extend search capabilities to include information relevant to the learning objects. At this time, I am working with IMS and CanCore metadata in learning objects and and wish to find objects using this criteria as well.

Anybody interested in helping me out? Any constructive comments or suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance for any responses.