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[Catacomb] Re: [dav-dev] Catacomb property value namespace bug fixed, need to have mod_dav and mod_dav_fs fixed...

Joe Orton wrote:

I'm not sure this patch is right - the point of the map_namespaces hook
is to build the mapping from namespace URI to integer, so the URIs are
never needed when storing properties, just the integer.

Hmm, ok...I think I understand the logic more...Thanks for the clarification.

What was the design decision that led to the use of the map_namespaces hook (using a separate hook as opposed to passing the namespaces array to store)? One other point of confusion is the naming of the hook map_namespaces. The word "map" is used to mean something completely different in the apr_xml.h file. (Mapping one integer to another, an indirect remapping of namespace id's.)

Anyways, I'll map Catacomb's logic to properly use map_namespaces.