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[Catacomb] gcc compile error -- -KPIC

i am trying to compile catacomb-0.8.0 on solaris 8
using gcc.
i have apache 2.0.44 and mysql 4 installed and running.
apache is configured for shared  mods and dav is enabled.
following step 3 of the README,
configure --prefix=/barf/catacomb --with-apache=/barf/apache --with-mysql=/barf/mysql4
this seems to work ok, finding apache and mysql.
then, make generates:
gcc: unrecognized option '-KPIC'
i have never had gcc urp on me this way before.....
i scanned the archives, but didn't find any previous posts.
lloyd knight

Lloyd J. Knight
Senior Software Engineer
BIA Engineering Systems
Tel: 952.403.8473
Cell: 612.418.2628


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