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[Catacomb] probable bug ?



If I version-control a document and try to delete it and if delete is successful , it seems an entry is left behind in version_resource though it's cleaned up from dasl_resource after deletion.


I think deleting a version-controlled resource is a valid state transition and it's full version-history should be deleted.


Here's a simple cadaver interaction ::


dav:/repos/> cd testNew

dav:/repos/testNew/> put 11.pdf

Uploading 11.pdf to `/repos/testNew/11.pdf':

Progress: [=============================>] 100.0% of 291 bytes succeeded.

dav:/repos/testNew/> version 11.pdf

Versioning `/repos/testNew/11.pdf/': succeeded.

dav:/repos/testNew/> delete 11.pdf

Deleting `11.pdf': succeeded.


Any ideas/comments/side-effects.