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RE: [Catacomb] PHP not executing from Catacomb repository

Quoting Sung Kim <hunkim@soe.ucsc.edu>:

> Unfortunately, PHP module is not able to read content from Catacomb DBMS,
> since Catacomb stores content in DBMS. We are working on saving file content
> in file system. This will solve the problem.


Thanks for the info!  My organization is looking at using Catacomb as the
document repository for a learning management system.  We need PHP support to
authenticate users to content.  Would it be easier to go with mod_davfs right
now and migrate to catacomb later - or should we wait for catacomb's next
release?  And, will it be a painful transition to the next release if we have
accumulated a lot of content in the current system?

Matt Hubbard

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