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Re: [Catacomb] probable bug ?

Deleting the version history of a resource when the resource (actually the latest version of that resource) is deleted precludes supporting versioned collections. Although Catacomb does version collections in the current release, we plan to support this in the future. This feature will allow one to, for example, answer questions along the lines of 'What was the state of this collection last month?' - even if resources in that collection have since been moved or, in your case, deleted. I agree that the current behavior does not seem to make sense without this functionality, however when designing the system we have tried to anticipate future enhancements along these lines.


Anil Sharma wrote:



If I version-control a document and try to delete it and if delete is successful , it seems an entry is left behind in version_resource though it's cleaned up from dasl_resource after deletion.


I think deleting a version-controlled resource is a valid state transition and it's full version-history should be deleted.


Here's a simple cadaver interaction ::


dav:/repos/> cd testNew

dav:/repos/testNew/> put 11.pdf

Uploading 11.pdf to `/repos/testNew/11.pdf':

Progress: [=============================>] 100.0% of 291 bytes succeeded.

dav:/repos/testNew/> version 11.pdf

Versioning `/repos/testNew/11.pdf/': succeeded.

dav:/repos/testNew/> delete 11.pdf

Deleting `11.pdf': succeeded.


Any ideas/comments/side-effects.