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RE: [Catacomb] PHP not executing from Catacomb repository

Definitely, we will add ACL functionality. One of the Catacomb Goals is to
implement the WebDAV protocol suite including DeltaV (full), ACL, BINDing
and etc. But now our hands are pretty full.
If there are more volunteers, we can release Catacomb with new functionality
quickly. :-)

Any volunteers? 

Sung Kim, http://www.cse.ucsc.edu 

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Quoting Sung Kim <hunkim@soe.ucsc.edu>:

> The content migration is easy. Just you can copy all files from mod_dav_fs
> and copy the files to Catacomb. But if you have many properties to
> it may not simple. :-)
> If you could wait one or two months, you will see new Catacomb release
> file system support.

Good info, thanks!  One other thing:  We are wondering about WebDAV ACL
integration.  I looked at the working draft and many of the limitations we
experiencing with HTTP authentication are addressed.  So, I was wondering if
the ACL stuff is on your radar screen yet . . .

Matt Hubbard

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