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Re: [Catacomb] PHP ...

Sung Kim wrote:

Definitely, a hashed directory structure will not solve the PHP problem or
other module related problem such as CGI, SSI or autoindex.
So I think we should give user several options using a directive such as:
CatacombContent dbms # Store the resoruce content into DBMS
CatacombContent hash # Store the resource content into a hashed directory
CatacombContent filesystem # Store the resource file system like dav_fs.

Chris, do you think adding the 'CatacombContent filesystem' option from your
hashed structure module is easy?

Currently in the stream_dbms branch, if you specify DavDBMSFileDir it will store data external to the database in a hash directory structure. Otherwise it stores data in the BLOBs as before.

I would warn against providing the "like dav_fs" mechanism, as you run into issues with filesystem naming restrictions and performance overhead (as previously discussed). I believe we can support PHP as I think Apache allows for "pipelining" request handlers, I will investigate over the next week or two.