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Re: [Catacomb] PHP ...

mhubb@okcareertech.org wrote:

Quoting Chris Knight <Christopher.D.Knight@nasa.gov>:

Currently in the stream_dbms branch, if you specify DavDBMSFileDir it
will store data external to the database in a hash directory structure.
Otherwise it stores data in the BLOBs as before.

I would warn against providing the "like dav_fs" mechanism, as you run
into issues with filesystem naming restrictions and performance overhead
(as previously discussed). I believe we can support PHP as I think
Apache allows for "pipelining" request handlers, I will investigate over
the next week or two.

For clarification, the intent is still to store resource/collection data in the
filesystem, but your statement above means that Catacomb will probably need to
name and arrange those data files in a manner that prohibits/makes difficult
direct access to these files through traditional methods (a shell for example).
Metadata will be still be stored in the DB.  Do I understand?
Correct. The same is true for mod_dav_fs but files are stored with the same filename/path structure as what is seen through DAV. There are reasons against doing this:

* additions/changes made in the filesystem structure are not mirrored into the RDBMS (unluckily there's no standard notification API for such changes) * as previously mentioned, you're restricted to the length limits and character set of the filesystem
* deep hierarchies are inefficient (especially when doing COPY operations)
* if you want to share the fs structure with multiple users, access control is limited to the fs access control mechanisms (and the server likely needs to run as "root") or the access control is not enforced. * versioning gets really really nasty (especially when you version collections)

PS - we are moving toward using Apache filters/handlers to force PHP files to
parse when stored within a Catacomb repository.  Correct?
That's the hope, it appears that it doesn't happen automagically but personally I it should, let's see what the Apache mailing list thinks.