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Re: [Catacomb] contributing to Catacomb

mhubb@okcareertech.org wrote:

Catacomb developers,

Catacomb is a project that we would like to get involved with.  We are primarily
PHP developers, but we have some familiarity with C/C++.  I assume the Catacomb
module is ANSI C?
Yay! The more the merrier. Yes, it's ANSI C. I really enjoy working on Catacomb and Apache modules in general, the Apache APIs and utilities are very cool.

My big question is: What's the logical way to get started?
I'd first take a look at some of the key include files in Apache. Here's the ones I find commonly useful:
mod_dav.h (of course)

1. Are there apache module architecture concepts that we need to understand?  If
so, should we look at the O'Reilley book on writing apache modules?
Yes and if you can find a good book on Apache 2 modules, all the better. I think most of Apache 1 modules applies but I've not done any Apache 1 module development.

2. Should we use your CVS, ours, or none at all?
Use the common CVS for checking out the (latest) source and for now patches should be sent to the list if they're small patches. If you plan on making significant changes, send e-mail to the list saying what you're planning on and what I'd recommend is creating a CVS branch (read up on CVS branching/merging if you're not familiar with it) and doing your changes there. I'd recommend that the group adopt a "buddy" system of merging to the main trunk of CVS (find someone else to review your changes and run tests before the merge. Want to be my buddy?)

3. Who is the project lead? (Who makes the final decisions on design, features,
It's an Open Source project so anyone can contribute...I'd say that as long as there are no objections on the mailing list, a commit to the main trunk should be fine. You can do whatever you like in your own branches. ;^)

4. What areas should we focus our efforts on?  Where do you need us?
This PHP issue is going to be a big one and may force some major architectural changes in Apache. I know that's of particular interest to you. Any other particular interests you have are always a good starting point. A bunch of us talked about rearchitecting Catacomb to be more of a strictly-tiered architecture.