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[Catacomb] automatic type identification (by extension) in virtual DAV repositories

So, Catacomb and other mod_dav backends that handle GET requests would like to have the Content-Type of resources be automatically identified based on the path information of that resource in the same manner as file resources.

How would I best approach this problem? It appears that the mod_dav.c hooks are defined as MIDDLE as is the mod_mime.c hooks...Should I force a specific ordering of execution? Only other problem is find_ct in mod_mime.c wants to see the finfo structure which doesn't apply to virtual resources.

I can't call find_ct directly, nor can I get at the mime_dir_config information to map the extension back to a Content-Type. Ideas?

It seems to me that the mime_dir_config information should be made public or at least some methods for converting extension to Content-Type (and visa-versa?)