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RE: [Catacomb] how to debug HTTPd and Catacomb with gdb

Thanks for the nice memo.
Elias, I think this should be in our FAQ, too.

Have a nice day.
Sung Kim, http://www.cse.ucsc.edu 

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Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2003 5:07 PM
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Subject: [Catacomb] how to debug HTTPd and Catacomb with gdb

After a little bit of work, I've gotten gdb to debug 
httpd/catacomb...Here's how:

1) When running Apache's configure, add the flag 
"--enable-maintainer-mode". (And, of course, make sure you include 
"--enable-dav=shared" as well.) You'll likely have to do a "make clean" 
if you're doing this in a source tree you've already built in. Do a 
"make" and a "make install".

2) In Catacomb's Makefile, add "-g" to the end of the CFLAGS line (line 
116) (Might want to add this to the configure script...) Do a "make 
clean" if necessary and a "make" and "make install".

3) Start up gdb by going to the root of the httpd install target and 
typing "gdb bin/httpd"

4) Start up a single-process server with "run -X"

5) After waiting a few seconds for all of the shared libraries to bind, 
you can hit ctrl-C to stop the current process and you can now set 
breakpoints on functions in the Catacomb module. Use "continue" to start 
the server back up.

(Might want to add this to the Catacomb documentation?)

I might have a fix for the Content-Type identification that I'll post to 
the Catacomb mailing list. Then, hopefully, we can figger out how to get 
PHP to work.

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