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[Catacomb] URI case sensitivity (was: Catacomb Digest, Vol 1, Issue 98)

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 12:02:41PM -0700, catacomb-request@webdav.org wrote:
> Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 15:22:40 -0700
> From: Chris Knight <Christopher.D.Knight@nasa.gov>
> Subject: Re: [Catacomb] Bug(s) in the catacomb software
> To: 520059314262-0001@t-online.de
> Cc: catacomb@webdav.org
> Message-ID: <3EDE7130.7040407@nasa.gov>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowed
> Detlev Penza wrote:
> >Another problem is that the URIs  are stored with upper and lower case letters 
> >but the comparison is done case insensitive. If you upload a file foo and then a 
> >file Foo, foo is overwritten by Foo but the name stays foo.

URIs are supposed to be case SENSITIVE. Catacomb should tree 'Foo' and 'foo'
as *two* distinct resources.

You're not on some silly case-insensitive filesystem, so I don't see there
being any reason to act like one.


Greg Stein, http://www.lyra.org/