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[Catacomb] Catacomb problem with libmod_dav_repos.so

	Hello, I tried to install Catacomb with http2 and I had an error. I were
looking for it in google and I found that someone have the same problem in
the Catacomb list, I send you this mail because I have the solution in my
case. I install a binary mysql-4.0.13,httpd-2.0.45 and catacomb.0.8.0, when
I had all installed I had an error when I restarted apache, the error was
the following:

	libmod_dav_repos.so: undefined symbol: compress

	I dowloaded mysql-4.0.13 source and I compiled with this options in

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql --with-named-curses-libs=/lib/libncurs

	Doing this all works fine!

	I think that the problem was that the binary mysql file didn't install some
libraries, I think ...

Joel Bagó Simon
Administrador de sistemes e-Learning
e-Learning Lab / CeSeL - CTT La Salle
Enginyeria i Arquitectura La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull
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