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[Catacomb] More DASL issues

> In other get the exact props in <D:select>, we need change the a bit more.

Super! However, there are two additional issues.

First, it *is* important to get the behavior of <D:select> correct. Right
now there are two problems:

(a) it doesn't return just the list of properties specified
(b) if you specify even a single property outside the DAV: namespace then
Catacomb rejects the request. This is frustrating, since it means that
Catacomb is rejecting requests that are perfectly correct according to the
DASL spec.

There is one additional issue that would improve the usability of SEARCH by
davtool. With davtool you specify the request URI on the command line.
However, in a basicsearch request, the search scope goes inside the request
body. In order to use the same search request on multiple collections using
davtool, you'd need to create a new file for each collection -- ugh!

There is a way out, however. It turns out that if the href inside scope is a
*relative* URI, then it is taken to be relative to the request-URI. So, if
href is:


This means to use the collection in the request-URI.

So, my feature request is to add support for relative-URI handling in search
scopes. With this supported, I can use the same search request file across
multiple collections.

- Jim