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[Catacomb] Catacomb 0.9 db bug


I am using Catacomb 0.9 to test DeltaV extensions for DAV Explorer.
When trying to GET previous versions of a versioned resource, I encountered
this error:
[Mon Sep 15 21:44:13 2003] [error] Query to execute: SELECT
stext, vr.isexternal From dasl_resource, version_resource vr Where
dasl_resource.URI='/repos/joe/Constantsig.txt' AND dasl_resource.serialno=vr.serialno AND vr.version=0
[Mon Sep 15 21:44:13 2003] [error] Error: dbms_execute error
Error Number: 1054
ErrorMessage:Unknown column 'vr.isexternal' in 'field list'

I have tracked it down to code in dbms.c (line 220.) Basically, the dasl_resource
table contains an isexternal field, but the version_resource table does not.
As a quick hack, I have removed the query for isexternal in the version_resource
table, and with that change, the GET works. But of course, that's probably not
the right fix.