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Re: [Catacomb] HttpMail protocol (WebDAV)

I've been thinking about this very issue a lot lately, and have gone so far as to begin a writeup on the idea, explicitly drawing out the parallels between the WebDAV data model and that of email. I am unfamilliar with HTTPMail, although I will read over the link that Sung sent so that we can discuss it in detail later this week. Specifically, I'd like to look at the property sets that HTTPMail uses and try to get a handle on what it would take for Catacomb to support HTTPMail clients.

I think moving towards supporting email with WebDAV (which I've been calling DAVMail, but Mark prefers 'WhisperMail' as a mangled acronym for something like Web Sharing Protocol Email Remote? and others have variously referred to as RESTMail) makes a great deal of sense for a number of reasons. Being able te leverage HTTPS for secure transport, the HTTP authentication model, etc. are all obvious wins...


Sung Kim wrote:

I realized that Hotmail and Outlook use the HttpMail protocol, and the protocol is based on WebDAV.



Do you think it is good idea that Catacomb supports the HttpMail protocol? Then Catacomb can be an HttpMail server.

Simply mail archive can be converted into Catacomb database data. Catacomb handles WebDAV protocols.