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[Catacomb] [Ann] Catacomb ODBC

Catacomb ODBC is an extension to Catacomb that adds ODBC support for
multiple databases (in addition to Catacomb's native MySQL support.) Furhter
information and code snapshots can be found at
http://www.plenix.org/projects/catacomb-odbc/index.html. This activity has
been kindly sponsored by Pronetics (http://www.pro-netics.com).

Needless to say, this is not meant to be a separate project. Rather, it's a
temporary testbed to house the ODBC extension until it's (hopefully!)
incorporated into the official Catacomb codebase.

Catacomb ODBC is fully backwards compatible with Catacomb 0.9.0. Except for
minor changes, it doesn't modify or extend Catacomb's non-dbms codebase.

This is alpha quality code, with many a rough edge to account for (it's yet
to pass beyond 80% of all Litmus tests.) The essential functionality,
though, is there.

Catacomb ODBC should make the planned, dbms-specific modules unnecessary:
why repeatedly reinvent the wheel when ODBC provides a standard form of dbms

Catacomb ODBC has been tested with:

    * Apache 2.0.47
    * Catacomb 0.9.0
    * ODBC: libiodbc-3.51.11 and unixODBC-2.2.6.
    * Postgres: postgresql-7.3.2 and psqlodb-7.2.5.
    * MySQL: MySQL-4.0.11 and MyODBC-3.51.01.
    * Oracle: Oracle with:
          o Easysoft's ODBC driver (es-oracle-1.2.0-linux-c86-glibc)
          o Openlink's single-tier ODBC driver, release 5.1
          o Oracle Open Source ODBC Driver 0.5.1

Our aim is for Catacomb ODBC to be initially added as an experimental
feature and (should progress justify it) to eventually supersede the
existing MySQL-based persistent storage support.

Catacomb ODBC is basically a rephrase of the original, JDBC-like database
code onto the ODBC API. This was greatly simplified thanks to Chris Knight's
nice design ;-)

In a nutshell:

	configure (--with-iodbc | --with-unix-odbc)
	make install

The original --with-mysql directive is, of course, still honored and is the
default in absence of --with-iodbc and --with-unix-odbc.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome!

Best regards,