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Re: [Catacomb] [Ann] Catacomb ODBC

First, thank you both, Ricardo and Gianugo, for your interest in Catacomb and your valuable contribution to the project!

Gianugo Rabellino wrote:

Sung Kim wrote:

[...] Does ODBC affect performance?

Not really, actually it *might* be quite the opposite under some circumstances. See http://www.datadirect-technologies.com/products/odbc/docs/WP_ODBCvsOCI.PDF for a thourough analysis.

Indeed, the performance impact to remote clients is more the effect of network latency and bandwidth issues than otherwise. In my opinion, the increased flexibility of ODBC (or similar) more than makes up for any of the potentially negative impact to performance. However, as noted on the above link and in the recent emails to the mailing list, performance does not seem to be an issue. I'm sure that we'll be doing some benchmarking of our own using the Prestanda suite that has recently been released.

[...] Oh, besides, if it wasn't clear enough, you're free to take *anytime* the code and incorporate it in the Catacomb codebase. Consider this e-mail and Ricardo's one as an official statement of donation.

Adding a ODBC-like layer was an issue that we had discussed previously, but decided to wait until after a 1.0 release to tackle the problem. With your contribution, it is highly likely that we will be able to incorporate it into our 1.0 release!

Thanks again,