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RE: [Catacomb] [Ann] Catacomb ODBC

Sung Kim escribió
> Hello,
> I think I'd happy to give them the development CVS access. 
> Any other opinions?
> - Sung
> Sung, I defer to your judgement about setting up CVS Access 
> for Ricardo and Gianugo (and, for that matter, Go). We could 
> certainly have a voting procedure if you'd rather... ;)

I know at this time I'm precisely one of the ones whose opinion isn't
expected :-)

But I want to celebrate Chris' inclusion of Go Kida. He's done a terrific
work in porting the dbms module to Postgres and is very familiar with the
codebase being discussed.

Moreover, our private communications with him show a responsive, open-minded
developer willing to cooperate and integrate efforts. Whether the community
decides to go the db-specifc or the odbc way, Go will surely be a player.

Un saludo,