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RE: [Catacomb] [Ann] Catacomb ODBC

> Sorry to be a PITA, but are there any news about this issue? I'm not
> looking for a commit access, I'd just like to know how to move forward
> with new developments, bug fixes and the like...

No problem -- it's our bad for not getting back to you. We discussed this,
and feel that the best approach is to change the Catacomb architecture so
that you can plug-in multiple repository access layers. Some users of
Catacomb make heavy use of stored procedures, so it's not sufficient to just
use ODBC exclusively. My model is to have essentially a third mod_dav
associated module, which is the repository access layer. In this case, you'd
have mod_dav (protocol handling), mod_dav_repos (generic relational DB
access), and mod_dav_xxxx, such as mod_dav_odbc, mod_dav_orcale,
mod_dav_mysql, etc.

However, it's currently an open question as to who would perform this work.

- Jim