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Re: [Catacomb] [Ann] Catacomb ODBC

Jim Whitehead wrote:
Sorry to be a PITA, but are there any news about this issue? I'm not
looking for a commit access, I'd just like to know how to move forward
with new developments, bug fixes and the like...

No problem -- it's our bad for not getting back to you. We discussed this,
and feel that the best approach is to change the Catacomb architecture so
that you can plug-in multiple repository access layers. Some users of
Catacomb make heavy use of stored procedures

Can't parse this. What do you mean with users relying on stored procedures? As of now, there are no procedures in the software (to no surprise, given that mysql doesn't support them), are you referring to people who actually extended Catacomb?

use ODBC exclusively. My model is to have essentially a third mod_dav
associated module, which is the repository access layer. In this case, you'd
have mod_dav (protocol handling), mod_dav_repos (generic relational DB
access), and mod_dav_xxxx, such as mod_dav_odbc, mod_dav_orcale,
mod_dav_mysql, etc.

Technically wise it makes sense indeed, though I would say, from my little Open Source experience, that it will be *really* tough for you guys to gather enough people to keep in sync a load of different DB implementations: Catacomb is good software, but with a little community around. ODBC, apart from being a viable solution technically speaking, could have been, IMHO, a way to gather more users, which in turns means more developers, which in turns mean a healthy community and so on...

Anyway, I'll take your reply as a "No, thanks" to the inclusion of the current ODBC code, which most probably will end up on Sourceforge then. Should you want to integrate (parts of) it in the future, don't hesitate.


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