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RE: [Catacomb] [Ann] Catacomb ODBC

> Can't parse this. What do you mean with users relying on stored
> procedures? As of now, there are no procedures in the software (to no
> surprise, given that mysql doesn't support them), are you referring to
> people who actually extended Catacomb?

Yes, sorry, user=person extending Catacomb, not end-user.

> ODBC, apart from being a viable solution technically speaking,
> could have been, IMHO, a way to gather more users, which in turns means
> more developers, which in turns mean a healthy community and so on...

The idea was to make it so that we can accommodate multiple repository
interface modules with the same architecture, which implies accommodating a
larger user base than can be supplied by any one access method.

> Anyway, I'll take your reply as a "No, thanks" to the inclusion of the
> current ODBC code, which most probably will end up on Sourceforge then.
> Should you want to integrate (parts of) it in the future, don't hesitate.

I think the reply is more one of, "thank you *very* much for the code
contribution" and we'd like to integrate this code into Catacomb, but using
an architecture that accommodates both standard (ODBC) and database-specific
(MySQL, Oracle, DB, etc.) access methods. I'm also open to suggestions of
how to integrate the ODBC code into Catacomb right now, perhaps by using
appropriate #ifdefs?

- Jim