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[Catacomb] Catacomb Question


I have been trying unsuccessfully to get catacomb working in both a
FreeBSD as well as a Mac OS X environment.

Before I spend too much time further, I was hoping a member of the
catacomb community could tell me if it is even the best too suited for
what I am looking to do.

If I understand correctly, catacomb allows all transactions via WebDAV to
be logged in a mySQL (or other) relational database.

What advantages does this offer over say, mod_log_sql

If I am able to log to mySQL with mod_log_sql the type of action that
occurred as well as the other characteristics, what additional benefits
does catacomb offer?  I know there is the Delta V standards you are
working toward but anything else I should be aware of that can help me
assess if catacomb is really the tool I need to be working with?

Thank you in advance,

Ed Mansouri
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