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RE: [Catacomb] [Ann] Catacomb ODBC

> Where are stored procedures used in Catacomb? I ask this question because
> the existing codebase does not use them at all. Probably some installation
> using an unpublished extension to Catacomb?

Catacomb doesn't use stored procedures right now. However, one developer
that is basing their work on Catacomb has found it necessary to use stored
procedures to improve their efficiency. I'm under NDA, so I can't be
particularly specific.  The direction this developer is moving is pretty
consistent with specifications that have been developed by WebDAV WG, but
have not yet been approved or widely implemented (but which Catacomb would
likely want to implement in the future). As a result, keeping our
architecture open to use of stored procedures appears to me, at present, to
be important to accommodate likely future changes to Catacomb. Again, sorry
I can't be more specific.

- Jim