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RE: [Catacomb] external files & catacomb "directories" flat?

Hi Eric,

There is an option to support external file storage in Catacomb:
DavDBMSFileDir to specify the directory for permanent external storage.

Also we support the MKCOL method. For the DBMS storage, the resources are
stored in DBMS in flat structure, but URI of the resource is hierarchical.

For the external storage, the resources are stored as hashed directories and
Chris can tell us more about the structure of the external storage.

- Kai & Sung

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Subject: [Catacomb] external files & catacomb "directories" flat?


Please forgive the "newbie" questions, I'm just
getting started with Catacomb...

Ideally, I'd like to use my filesystem for
persistence (even of small files) and use Catacomb
& mySQL to manage the properties, metadata, etc,
associated with versioning.  I've seen references
to an ability to configure Catacomb to use the
filesystem to store large files ( >1 GB), but
haven't seen how to set this or whether the 1 GB
size could be adjusted downward to include all

A second question...  I've seen references in the
release notes (I think) that MKCOL is not supported
by Catacomb, so I've been wondering if all
Catacomb collections must be flat.  Is there a
way to replicate the notion of sub-directories?

By the way, I'm using DAVExplorer as my client.

Thanks for any pointers, RTFMs, etc.


Eric R. Johnson
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Phone:  (303)-272-5671, x75671
Email:  eric.r.johnson@sun.com

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