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[Catacomb] Etag support?


I'm trying to create a distributed authoring 
environment with mozilla+mozile and a webDAV+DeltaV
server.  http://mozile.mozdev.org

I'm looking for a server implementation that 
cleanly handles update conflicts from stateless
clients (like mozile, OpenOffice.org, etc) that
perform PUTs.  A colleague pointed me to Etags as
a possible solution and I must say it seems to do
"the right thing".  See below for more on Etags 
and the scenario which they address.


Does Catacomb support Etags or anything similar?
Are there any other server implementations (aside
from jigsaw) that do this kind of thing?

Thanks in advance.


Eric R. Johnson                          
Sun Microsystems, Inc.                   
Phone:  (303)-272-5671, x75671           
Email:  eric.r.johnson@sun.com