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[Catacomb] Bug in collection locking, possibly corrupts database

Test done using latest CVS, on a fresh database:

$ cadaver localhost/repos
dav:/repos/> mkcol test
Creating `test': succeeded.
dav:/repos/> lock test
Locking collection `test': succeeded.
dav:/repos/> mkcol test/asd
Creating `test/asd': succeeded.
dav:/repos/> unlock test
Unlocking `test': failed:
500 Internal Server Error   [there is no message in error_log at this point]
dav:/repos/> ls
Listing collection `/repos/': succeeded.
Coll:   test                                   0  Nov 13 16:41
dav:/repos/> cd test
dav:/repos/test/> ls
Listing collection `/repos/test/': failed:
XML parse error at line 1: no element found

The last operation causes the following messages in error_log:

Provider encountered an error while streaming a multistatus PROPFIND response.
[500, #0]
The lock database was found to be corrupt. An indirect lock's direct lock could
not be found.  [500, #402]

Makefiles not war