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[Catacomb] RE: catacomb.tigris.org approved

Hi Jason,

Thanks for approving us.

We used CVS, but we want to use Subversion (provided by Tigris) to store our
source code.
Is that possible to convert CVS files to Subversion?

Have a nice day.


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From: Jason Robbins [mailto:jrobbins@ics.uci.edu] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2003 1:44 PM
To: hunkim@tigris.org
Subject: catacomb.tigris.org approved

Hi Sung,

I have approved the catacomb project on tigris.org.  Now other users can
see your project and you can grant roles to other developers in this

I noticed that you had a detailed description but it was probably lost
when you switched on the "use index.html" option on the "Edit project"
page.  It is included below.  Please use CVS to check out the file
catacomb/www/index.html, edit it, and commit it.  That file will be the
home page for your project.  There are already questions in that file
that will help you get your project off to a good start.

Good luck.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Project description:
Catacomb is a WebDAV repository module for use with the Apache WebDAV
module, mod_dav. Apache mod_dav parses WebDAV and DeltaV protocol requests
operations on a repository providing persistent storage of resources and
properties. The default repository for mod_dav is provided by a separate
module, mod_dav_fs, which stores resource bodies as files in the filesystem,
stores properties in a (G)DBM database. 

Catacomb provides a replacement for mod_dav_fs called mod_dav_repos that
stores resources and their properties in a relational database (MySQL). The
primary advantage of this approach is the searching capabilities of the
are used to implement the DASL protocol. Additionally, the database allows
straightforward implementation of the versioning capabilities of the DeltaV

By shifting to relational database technology, Catacomb is a platform that
contains important aspects of typical document management systems: the
to store large numbers of documents, and search over their metadata.
Furthermore, it is possible (via source code modification) to change the set
predefined properties stored in the main schema of the relational database.
Properties in the main schema are faster to search. 

This project is the first open source implementation of the DASL and
DeltaV(linear versioning) protocols. We plan on tracking the evolution of