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[Catacomb] Non DAV namespace properties in DASL searches

Hi, I was hoping to use the DASL search capabilities in catacomb to select items in the repository based on custom properties, but every time I add one of our namespaced properties to the DASL search request I get a 500 server error.  Am I doing something wrong, or does this not yet work in catacomb?


<!—example DASL query à

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<D:searchrequest xmlns:lp0="DAV:" xmlns:lp1="http://apache.org/dav/props/" xmlns:LAT="http://lat-inc.com/latsco/meta" xmlns:ns3="http://lat-inc.com/latsco/meta" xmlns:D="DAV:">













<!—breaks when I have this like statement in here à

















Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks, Ben