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[Catacomb] FW: LDAP and Catacomb


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From: David Pratt [mailto:fairwinds1@shaw.ca] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 2:27 AM
To: hunkim@cs.ucsc.edu
Subject: LDAP and Catacomb

Hi there.  I read your paper on Catacomb and it is very interesting.  I 
have a couple of questions:

First, can LDAP be used to authenticate users for Catacomb easily.  
Have you or any of the folks at ucsc configured to authenticate for 
Catacomb on this basis?

Second, I am interested in creating folders, accessing, uploading or 
deleting resources directly through the database as well as through 
WebDAV in the MySQL database.  What are your recommendations or 
cautions here so that I do not disturb the system so that the 
versioning stays in tact.

Can you have a combination of resources in the file system as well as 
those in the database. I am thinking about some forms of media such as 
audio or video files that can be quite large and probably not great to 
store in the database.

Last of all, some time back, I checked the list out and there seemed to 
be problems with PHP working on the same Apache server as Catacomb.  
Has this been resolved or would you have to look at two separate 
servers at this stage.

Dave Pratt