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[Catacomb] Re: LDAP and Catacomb

Hi David,

Thanks for your interest in Catacomb, I'll try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. If anyone else can add to my responses, please chime in!

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From: David Pratt [mailto:] Subject: LDAP and Catacomb [...] can LDAP be used to authenticate users for Catacomb easily. Have you or any of the folks at ucsc configured to authenticate for Catacomb on this basis?

While I haven't set up Catacomb to use LDAP for authentication, there is no reason I can see that this should be a problem. Authentication and repository access are othogonal concerns - Apache provides a LDAP module, mod_ldap, which can be compiled in to the server. See <http://httpd.apache.org/docs-2.0/mod/mod_ldap.html> for more information on this module and how it is configured.

Second, I am interested in creating folders, accessing, uploading or deleting resources directly through the database as well as through WebDAV in the MySQL database. What are your recommendations or cautions here so that I do not disturb the system so that the versioning stays in tact.

Manipulating resources and their metadata directly (i.e. without going through the WebDAV interface) is discouraged. I would like to say 'forbidden', but technically it can be done... The danger is that resource properties (and especially live properties) will become incorrect wrt the state of a resource. Also, Catacomb doesn't currently version collections (folders, directories...), although this is high on the 'wanted features' list and will be implemented at some point.

Can you have a combination of resources in the file system as well as those in the database. I am thinking about some forms of media such as audio or video files that can be quite large and probably not great to store in the database.

Catacomb provides the functionality to store resource bodies either in MySQL or in the filesystem using a hashed directory structure, but not both. You could store large resources outside of catacomb entirely, in a non DAV-enabled area, but then they would not be WebDAV resources (i.e. no metadata properties, invisible to DASL SEARCH requests, no versioning, etc).

Last of all, some time back, I checked the list out and there seemed to be problems with PHP working on the same Apache server as Catacomb. Has this been resolved or would you have to look at two separate servers at this stage.

I believe that PHP will work on the same server as Catacomb, but not when stored *within* Catacomb. Putting the PHP scripts in a non-DAV enabled area should allow them to function normally but, depending on the site, it may not be feasible to do this. To enable PHP within Catacomb, I think the best approach would be to use the Apache2 filter chain to process the script at the appropriate time before sending back the response. Unfortunately, I'm not very familliar with the filter stuff and have no idea how difficult this would be to set up - can anyone else comment on this?