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Re: [Catacomb] [PROPOSAL]Catacomb joining Apache

I support moving Catacomb under the umbrella of the Apache Software Foundation. In addition to the benefits listed by Gianugo, this move will also make the project more visible, and hopefully lead to greater project involvement. As well, since the project now has many participants, and is growing beyond its initial roots as a UCSC research project, it makes sense to explicitly acknowledge this broader membership, and to make the governance structure more explicit.

- Jim

> ------------Original Message------------
> From: Gianugo Rabellino <gianugo@apache.org>
> To: catacomb@webdav.org
> Date: Thu, Jan-29-2004 12:26 PM
> Subject: [Catacomb] [PROPOSAL]Catacomb joining Apache
> Since my first experiments with Catacomb, I've been always thought that 
> the very right place for this code would be right inside the Apache 
> HTTPd project, as a mod_dav plugin/extension.
> I had some first random chats with a few Apache and Catacomb people, and 
> it seems that both sides would welcome the move, which I foresee as a 
> great win-win situation since:
> - Apache would gain mod_dav momentum, both in terms of a cool 
> implementation offering DASL and DeltaV and as a noticeable set of 
> skilled and willingful developers;
> - Catacomb would gain a lot in terms of visibility and robustness, since 
> it would be joining the HTTPd team with lots of knowleadgeable people as 
> well as gaining a large set of developers;
> - Catacomb would also solve all the infrastructural issues, since it 
> would be using the Apache infrastructure in terms of mailing lists, code 
> repositories (both SVN and CVS), issue tracking and the like.
> Should you welcome this move too, know that currently every codebase 
> joining Apache has to go through a formal incubation process, described 
> in detail at http://incubator.apache.org. This requires quite a bit of 
> "paperwork": a proposal should be filed and, if approved, the move will 
> start under control of the Incubator PMC (Project Management Committee). 
> You might want to read the Incubator FAQ to get a first idea on how this 
> process work. It might seem ankward at first sight, but you should 
> understand that the final purpose of this somehow heavyweigth process is 
> to ensure both code and community robustness. Finally, I'm volunteering 
> to do the initial paperwork and help you in the process.
> Comments?
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