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Re: [Catacomb] [PROPOSAL]Catacomb joining Apache

hunkim wrote:

I totally agree with this idea. Catacomb can get many benefits from ASF as Gianugo mentioned. One thing I'd like to mention is that it would be cool if Catacomb can be a subproject of Apache httpd project (http://httpd.apache.org/modules/) rather than the Apache incubator (if possible) so that we can get some attention from the Apache HTTPD community directly.

The way incubation works, what you'll end up with is more or less that. Catacomb will _end up_ as a subproject of httpd (or even as part of the core distribution, who knows), but until incubation is over (which basically means understand that you like the Apache way, that the code has no IP/licensing issues, and that the community is diverse and self-sustainable enough), the _formal_ oversight will be handled to the incubator. It could well be, technical wise, that almost everything will take place under the httpd infrastructure.

Hope this was clear. In any case, don't hesitate to ask.

Gianugo Rabellino
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