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Re: [Catacomb] [PROPOSAL] Catacomb joining Apache

Elias Sinderson wrote:
Gianugo Rabellino wrote:

Short reply, I'm out of time today, will do more tomorrow:

VG, thanks!  :-)

[...] I'm not a member of the foundation but just a committer, so I don't qualify for the role [of champion]. I'm actively trying to find someone, though.

The following ASF members/officers (in no particular order) are all aware of Catacomb in some capacity and may be interested in acting as our champion. At any rate, they are the people who are likely to have an active interest in the project (whether or not they have any time is another matter).


OK, I had some time to think about how to proceed, with mixed
results. Bottom line first: I think that there are quite a few
things that need to be sorted out before submitting a proposal to
Apache. Catacomb, while being good software, has severe lacks from a
number of perspectives, and before having a chance to enter Apache I
think that such problems should be solved here.

The first and foremost is licensing, since unfortunately, it's not
as easy as "OK, let's use ASL". Catacomb is in a very strange
situation, being currently "unlicensed", the only snippet stating
that it's Open Source stuff being a phrase on the website. IMO, this
problem can be solved only by the original copyright holder, which I
understand should be UCSC (but correct me if I'm wrong). Also, all
further contributions from non-UCSC people should be chased and
sorted out, with a proper code donation abiding to the chosen language.

Yes, I know that it just sucks, and I anticipate that it's not going
to be an easy job, yet it has to be done, both for Catacomb's own
good (besides Apache I mean) and because licensing issues are
probably the most important no-no in ASF-land.

Now, can someone (Jim?) from UCSC - assuming that this is where
Catacomb came from - find out how hard would be having an "official"
statement from the organization about open sourcing this software
with the ASL 2.0 license?

Gianugo Rabellino
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