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[Catacomb] Install Help

I have successfully installed catacomb, but I am having trouble handing
the binary files.

When I try to read a file, I receive the following error
[Thu Feb 05 18:51:41 2004] [error] Query to execute: SELECT bincontent
INTO DUMPFILE '/tmp//dav_repos_deliver_BuUzTs' FROM dasl_resource WHERE
[Thu Feb 05 18:51:41 2004] [error] Error: mysql_query error!Error
Number: 1045!ErrorMessage:Access denied for user: 'repos@localhost'
(Using password: NO)

the bincontent column is empty in the database, so it looks like the
file is not being saved in the first place.

What permission does the mysql user need to have?

Also, is there any way to have large files saved on the disk (and not in
the database)?  If so, how do I set the max file size for the database. 
I don't want to recompile MySQL to handle large files.

- daniel