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[Catacomb] Apache directive feature request: non-default DBMS port number

Catacomb should have an Apache directive for specifying a non-default DBMS port number.
The need for this feature is obvious.  Of course, some DBMS client API's offer other kinds of parameters.  Even MySQL also has unixsocket and clientflag in its client API (this is already TODO'ed in dbms_mysql.c) but port is a very common parameter among DBMS client API's.
For database access to MySQL, Catacomb currently has

So, as a suggested name, adding a directive with a name like
which would specify a port number would fulfill this requirement.
The shortcut currently taken in the code is to pass a value of zero to get the default port:
dbms.c : dbms_opendb() :
    status = dbms_create(&(d->db), d->db_id, d->db_pass, d->db_name, d->db_host, 0);
With that and the example of the existing directives, its obvious how to implement the rest of this new directive.